Better YouTube Live
Better YouTube Live
An incredibly customizable chat and a new YouTube Live homepage along with many more goodies!
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Better Youtube Live, but why?
Better chat experience
The native YouTube live chat provides an uninspiring experience for the average chatter. With Better YouTube Live you are free to customize your chat experience to the smallest detail. Also, Better YouTube Live integrates BTTV global emotes, with FFZ and 7TV coming soon too.
Simple, noise-free, live streams homepage
Youtube Live is notoriously difficult to navigate. While YouTube does live stream recommendations pretty well, it also buries your subscribed streams in a sea of recommendations. Better YouTube Live fixes this by having a dedicated page only for the content you subscribe to, no other noise, period.
Active development
Better YouTube Live is an actively developed project. Check out our roadmap here, that consists of various new features that will be added to Better YouTube Live in the very near future. Consider becoming a supporter in order to support the development of this project and also to have a more impactful say on the roadmap priorities. Read more about becoming a supporter here.
Themes and chat customization
Pick and choose from many beautiful themes or simply make your own with the help of 50+ customization options located in the Options page of the extension
Options page
Homepage for BYTL followed streams
The streams you follow via Better Youtube Live show up on the custom Better Youtube Live home page where you see streams that are currently live
BYTL home
Push notifications
Get desktop push notifications every time one of your followed streams goes live. Supported on Windows and MacOS.
Browser popup
The extension popup at a glance shows you your followed streams and their status, as well as their last streams or videos if they are offline
Popup 1 Popup 2
Become a supporter and get awesome perks
All the core features of Better YouTube Live are free. However, there are a few features that are only available to our supporters.
Supporters help keep this project going both in terms of development and maintenance costs, and for that we have to show our gratitude, hence the perks belows:
  • Mentions tab - a special chat tab where you can read all messages directed to you
  • Supporters only chat (coming soon)
  • In-chat supporter badge (coming soon)
  • Premium chat themes (coming soon)
You can help support this project by either becoming a supporter, via a small monthly subscription, or by making a one time donation, both via "Buy Me a Coffee".
Note: Only subscribed supporters are eligible for the above mentioned perks.
To become a supporter get a membership tier via "Buy Me a Coffee"